Supervisory Board


Dr. Eva Vester­ling

Dr. Eva Vesterling is Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Vesterling AG. She studied education, psychology and sociology in the USA, in France and in Germany and completed her doctorate thesis at the University of Passau on managing diversity at Siemens AG. She is author of numerous publications.
Within the last two decades Dr. Eva Vesterling (née Fischer) has gained in-depth experience in small and medium-sized enterprises, university institutions and major corporations in Germany and abroad. She actively performs voluntary work and, inter alia, has been National President of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Germany. She has been honored with numerous awards, such as a JCI senatorship.
Before she founded the Vesterling Academy, which she heads as Managing Director today, Dr. Eva Vesterling was Managing Director (Speaker) of the IHK Akademie Schwaben, an academy that offers trainings in the areas of business and technology to more than 20,000 participants every year.

Dr. Eva Vesterling

Dr. Eva Vesterling,
Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board


Andreas Meyer-Russer

Lt.Col. (Ret) Andreas Meyer-Russer is Member of the Supervisory Board of Vesterling AG.
He was German Army Officer between 1957 and 1986; in his last position he was responsible for all retired officers in the recruiting office of the German Army in Cologne. Since 1986 Andreas Meyer-Russer works as a freelance HR consultant.



Andreas Meyer-Russer

Andreas Meyer-Russer,
Member of the Supervisory Board


Klaus Tronsberg

Klaus Tronsberg, M. A. (Accounting & Finance) is Member of the Supervisory Board of Vesterling AG.
For more than a decade he was government tax auditor in Munich. Since 1993 he is tax consultant and partner at the law and tax consulting firm Tronsberg – Stemmer – Tronsberg GbR. For several years he was an avocational lecturer for Economics and Finance at the technical college of Herrsching.
Klaus Tronsberg is member of the Tax Consultants Association Munich, of Landesverband der steuerberatenden und wirtschaftsprüfenden Berufe in Bayern e.V. (LSWB) and of German Association of Tax Advisers (DstV).



Klaus Tronsberg

Klaus Tronsberg,
Member of the Supervisory Board

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