Personalberatung für Technologie

Perfect CV

The application documents are considered a work sample by many employers. They assume that the quality of your work will be at most as good as that of your submitted documents. From this follows the special importance of your application documents – especially your resume – for your further professional career. They give a personnel decision-maker a first impression for which there is no second chance.

The perfect layout for your resume

If you want to apply for a job in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, it is important to know how to write a German type resume/CV. Please consider the following advice when writing your application.

For an application in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, your resume/CV should be in reverse chronological order. Chronological order is still common. Make sure that there are no gaps and account for every time period, even unemployment.

There are some particularities in German, Austrian or Swiss resumes/CVs that you should be aware of – e. g. candidates include personal details, such as their marital status or date of birth. In addition, it is common to attach an application photo.

Using our professional expertise, we’ve created the following template for your technology application in Germany, Austria or Switzerland: 

We’ve created the template to support you in finding the perfect layout for your resume. Please feel free to use it as a guideline.

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How to write your online application

Electronic applications are standard in the internet age. Below you will find concrete, practical tips for preparing your online application.

  • Choose the right format
  • Scan your documents
  • Professional photo
  • etc.

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