Personalberatung für Technologie

Staffing with Priority Recruiting

Technology positions with Priority Recruiting status are prioritised. They are given priority over all other projects and are assigned to a regular reposting and research cycle until successful. Our internal research team is involved immediately after the start of the project. The service package also includes an extended range of job postings and research activities.

Turbo for challenging positions 

There are no applicants on the labour market for certain IT and engineering positions. This may be because a technical expertise is very rare or it is currently being sought by many companies at the same time. The positions cannot be filled by the hiring companies. Sometimes it just has to happen quickly. A company has acquired a new order and a new employee should ideally have started work the day before yesterday. In such cases, the Priority Recruiting service package has proven its worth.


Regular posting includes the placement of advertisements in the Vesterling job market as well as in various external job platforms (e. g. Monster, Indeed, employment agency). With multi-posting we increase the reach of the job advertisement. The open position is also advertised on platforms that have proven successful for similar positions. Through profile variants and social media posting, we address an extended circle of candidates and latently searching employees.

Personalvermittlung für Technologie


Vesterling Priority Recruiting immediately uses our inhouse research department for the extended professional search for suitable candidates. Candidates, who have not yet applied via Vesterling will be systematically identified, rated and contacted if they have the required qualifications. The search for candidates via Vesterling Priority Recruiting will be expanded to international personnel databases and social media research channels like Xing and LinkedIn by Vesterling’s research department. Together with the client we will create competition and business directories which will then be systematically scanned for suitable candidates by our research department. If necessary direct calls will also be carried out. 



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