Our social responsibility

As we specialize in recruiting and executive search in the field of technology, we take a great interest in supporting associations of young entrepreneurs and junior executives. In this context we have sponsored the following events organized by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Germany (WJ) and the Junior Chamber International (JCI):

  • National Conference of WJ Germany in Cologne, 2007
  • World Conference of JCI, Antalya (Turkey), 2007
  • Senator Conference Germany, WJ Germany, Wurzburg, 2008
  • State Conference of WJ Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dortmund, 2008
  • European Conference of JCI Europe, Turku (Finland), 2008
  • National Conference of WJ Germany, Berlin, 2008
  • National Congress of JCI Switzerland, Zurich, 2008
  • National Conference of WJ Germany, Darmstadt, 2009
  • National Conference of WJ Germany, Karlsruhe, 2010
  • Senator Conference Germany, WJ Germany, Cologne, 2011
  • European Conference of JCI Europe in Tarragona (Spain), 2011


To implement and assure compliance with these criteria Vesterling appointed a CSR Manager as a staff unit.

For us the societal benefit of our activities includes the continuous commitment to the development of innovations for recruiting and HR consulting: whether by researching and applying matching algorithms, our concept for data protection and security, our multimedia based interview techniques or the preparatory work for the certification to ISO.