In times of limited resources and given the current skill shortages, deploying contractors can be an effective instrument to resolve staff shortage avoiding the risks of permanent employment. This provides the opportunity to ensure that you have the cooperation of experts in innovative technologies even for temporary projects. Since you employ the specialists temporarily, you profit from their experience and expertise while gaining additional room to maneuver. This is true especially during the planning phase when the project start isn´t determined yet. High dedication and contractors´ regional flexibility are additional advantages.

In more than 20 years we have built our exceptional network. It is based on our professional know-how and our excellent relationships with more than 200.000 specialists. Many of the candidates we’re supporting want to change their status from employee to contractor. Others are already working as contractors and see us as their qualified professional contact for new projects. If you are looking for short-term employer assignments, we are also officially licensed as a temporary employment agency in Germany.

We can also provide you with contractors for top management positions: interim managers- unlike management consultants - will even take over profit & loss responsibility. Since they act as crisis managers, they will leave the company as soon as the problem is resolved.


Draw on our broad network of freelancer specialists to cover seasonal peaks and projects.

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Georg Ruëff
M.Sc. (Computer Science)

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