Vesterling Consulting increase Data Security

Munich, September 24, 2013. Due to the recent eavesdropping scandals the need to transmit electronic information securely via e-mail has reached a new level. Reason enough for Vesterling to offer their candidates and clients a fully encrypted exchange of data via e-mail.

Vesterling supports e-mail encryption according to the so-called S/MIME standard. “Sucessful recruiting and HR consulting is based on confidentiality and, therefore, on a strictly reliable and professional interaction with people and companies regarding their personal rights as well as protection from unwanted access to their data”, Martin Vesterling is convinced. Vesterling’s e-mails automatically include a cryptographic signature that contains a certificate acting as a digital ID card to identify the sender. With this certificate the recipient can check the origin and originality of the message and at the same time encrypt his e-mails to Vesterling. In order to do this, he needs an e-mail provider that supports S/MIME. All major e-mail programs and webmailers do. Thus, Vesterling acts in compliance with the laws and provisions stated in §9 (1) Annex to the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes BDSG) for the transmission of personal data.

Encrypted data communication – it’s easy

A business partner or a candidate who wants to exchange encrypted messages with Vesterling will need a digital certificate to do so. Certificates are available from public certificate authorities such as Deutsche Telekom AG, AuthentiDate International AG, Deutsche Post Com GmbH, Swisscom AG, Telekom Austria AG, DATEV eG or Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH. Vesterling verifies any incoming message containing such a signature. During this process verified certificates are automatically saved and can later be used to encrypt e-mails to the respective sender.


S/MIME is based on the asymmetrical cryptosystem „RSA“, using a private and a public key (certificate). To date it is considered uncompromisable, if the private key is long enough, was generated correctly and is stored safely.

The certificates used by Vesterling are supplied by SwissSign, the certification authority of Swiss Post. SwissSign certificates are recognized as trustworthy by most operating systems, browsers and E-Mail programs.

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