Psychometric methods


The range of processes is wide. We consider it expedient to choose the right procedure after communication with the client about the competencies to be assessed. Vesterling has questionnaires that can be used, which combine various elements of the models listed below and can be adapted to the client's requirements. The candidate then works on the test after the presentation. A feedback interview with the candidate takes place immediately afterwards.


The consultants at Vesterling have experience with the following procedures, among others:

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder
  • Golden Profiler of Personality
  • Assessment diagnostics of the German Bundeswehr (army)
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Types and team roles according to Meredith Belbin
  • Egogram from personality and transaction analysis
  • DISG personality model
  • Motivation grid by Sabine Asgodom
  • Self-image/foreign image comparison




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