Behavioral presentation


There is no empirical evidence that certain personality traits are associated with leadership success. Harvard University studies suggest that personal traits such as "risk-averse," "empathetic," "self-confident," etc. have little impact on leadership success. Relevant, however, is the concrete, observable behavior of the executive.

The following behaviors are typical for successful managers:

  • Gaining trust and acting as a role model to build loyalty
  • Promoting willingness to perform through meaningful activity and ambitious goals
  • Encourage self-reliance and independent problem solving
  • Offer employees individual development opportunities
  • Treating employees fairly and creating justice
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • Creating a culture in which goals and opportunities can be transformed into results


At the client's request, such behaviour will be examined in the course of the presentation. In consultation with the client, the task will be selected in such a way that essential competencies can be identified for the company. The candidate receives a topic, time for preparation and gives a presentation, which is evaluated and discussed immediately afterwards.

The explanation is evaluated on the basis of criteria relevant to the client. As a rule, the presentation provides clear information about personal values, the ability to reflect and the ability to communicate.


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