The Vesterling Executive Assessment is based on a clear basic structure and also incorporates the requirements of the commissioning company. During the consultation, it is clarified whether it should be a single potential analysis or a selection from a candidate group, which management level is addressed and which management competencies are exactly required for the position in focus. Leadership in a restructuring phase, for example, requires different skills than in a phase of expansion and product innovation. Depending on the scenario, the appropriate instruments for the executive assessment are selected and organizational questions relating to the implementation are clarified.

The assessment phase begins with a CV check, with which the consultant also prepares for the potential candidate. Depending upon order and customer’s request the analysis of employee potential is carried out by two advisors. The first leads the structured, authority-based interview, the second carries out the behavior-oriented presentation. Two evaluations substantiate the psychometric procedure. Vesterling has different tests in the areas of guidance behavior, guidance styles, motivation factors and value orientation. These are selected depending upon degree of experience of the candidate to be judged and task of guidance.

Vesterling consultants use the analysis of executive potential to determine the candidate's suitability as a manager and development prospects for future management tasks. Experienced managers focus on their hierarchical development and their ability to manage complex relationships and lead many employees - even in difficult scenarios. During the evaluation, the need for further professional and personal training is recorded.

The client receives feedback in the form of a meaningful written report containing an analysis of the candidate's potential and a selection recommendation for the company. In addition to the report, the client receives verbal feedback and, if desired, support in the final decision and communication of the result to the candidate.


With the Vesterling analysis of executive potential you are in a position to make the best possible decision about future executives and consistently develop them further!

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