Vesterling Priority Recruiting

The service package for challenging positions.

For specific IT and Engineering positions the number of applicants on the market is admittedly limited. For the affected companies it is difficult to find highly qualified candidates for an effectual application process within a reasonable time period. In these cases the service package Vesterling Priority Recruiting has proven to support the process and to clearly increase the chances of success.



Your requirements will be discussed in detail during an initial personal meeting with one of our consultants. This meeting is free of charge, non-committal and of course strictly confidential.

Scope of services

Positions with the status Vesterling Priority Recruiting are given top priority. They are prioritized over other projects and a daily posting and research cycle is assigned until results are achieved. The research team will be involved as soon as the project is launched. The service package also includes an expanded scope of job postings and research activities.


With VesterlingPriority Recruiting we fall back on further national and inter
national job markets as required. With Vesterling Priority Recruiting at least one additional profile version will be published in the allocated job markets so as to include the best search options.

Additionally, the position will be posted in suitable specialized job markets with a higher target group affinity. The job will be advertised where candidates for challenging jobs preferably look for information. Therefore, our clients benefit from an increasing amount of applications from specialists.


Vesterling Priority Recruiting immediately uses our inhouse research department for the extended professional search for suitable candidates. Candidates, who have not yet applied via Vesterling will be systematically identified, rated and contacted if they have the required qualifications.

The search for candidates via Vesterling Priority Recruiting will be expanded to international personnel databases and social media research channels like Xing and LinkedIn by Vesterling’s research department. Together with the client we will create competition and business directories which will then be systematically scanned for suitable candidates by our research department. If necessary direct calls will also be carried out.

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