Our fees

Please do not hesi­tate to con­tact us for infor­mation about our fees. Simply give us a call:

Martin Vesterling
M. Sc. (Computer Science)

+49 (89) 411114-0


There are many good reasons for using our recruiting services:

In a personal meeting with one of our consultants, your individual needs can be discussed in detail. This meeting will be free of charge, without any obligation and strictly confidential.


When it comes to assessing the relevant technical skills as well as the personality of a candidate, our consultants show their competence based on extensive technological background and many years of management experience.


Search and selection of your future employee out of several hundred applications requires a tremendous workload. This work cannot be done without impinging on your other responsibilities. We perform these tasks for you until you are prepared to make your own final decision.


We observe professionals throughout their careers and, therefore, can offer you the best contacts to qualified candidates. Our pool of professionals chooses Vesterling as an unbiased consultant when it comes to discussing their career options while they are still employed. This is especially true for engineers and IT professionals who prefer to talk to consultants with subject-specific knowledge.


We have no magic formula - we simply have a more comprehensive strategy. Since we are frequently commissioned with the staffing of similar positions you profit from the associated synergies.


Our specialization in technology enables us to understand your technical requirements, saving you valuable time.


We know the supply side as well as the demand side of the employment market. Through impartial information we are able to provide security for you and thereby decrease your risk of incorrect decisions.


Vesterling is committed to loyalty. We do not recruit our client's employees.


Confidentiality is a matter of course for Vesterling. This is especially significant for you if you do not wish to inform competitors or employees ahead of time about upcoming personnel changes.


We advertise your open positions at no charge in important job markets and social communities. But the crucial factor is our excellent and expanding network of highly qualified specialists and managers, which have been evolving for many years. Furthermore we make use of all legitimate recruiting methods, ranging from an extensive specialized database of applicants to qualified research and participacion in trade fairs.

Our fees

Please do not hesi­tate to con­tact us for infor­mation about our fees. Simply give us a call:

Martin Vesterling
M.Sc. (Computer Science)

+49 (89) 411114-0

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