How does an application via Vesterling work?

It's very easy: just send us your online application. Simply attach your complete application (resume / CV, references, etc.).

We then review the incoming documents. Usually, you receive our feedback within two working days. Of course all personal data will be treated strictly confidential and will not be transferred to any third party without your explicit consent.

If your profile matches one of the positions, we will contact you to schedule an interview. During this interview, you will receive further details about the position.

Afterwards, if you agree, we will organize an interview for you with our client. If this second interview is successful, we will guide you through the process and offer you advice until an employment contract is signed.

Is the listed position still open?

Positions listed in our job offers section are updated daily. As long as a position is listed there, it is still open.


Who is the employer behind a position?

If you haven't had an interview with one of our consultants yet, we can't give you the name of our client. However, we will disclose the name during a personal interview.

Do you publish all positions?

No, we don't - for a number of reasons. Some clients, for instance, do not wish to publish their positions. Some cases, such as yet to be announced replacements, are highly sensitive or confidential. Other clients might want to avoid turmoil within the company. Often, we simply have a sufficient number of suitable candidates in our database. Therefore, it is not necessary to publish the position.

I have identified your client from the job profile. Should I apply directly?

You should apply via Vesterling, not directly. This gives you a decisive advantage: we know all our client’s key requirements not published in the job profile and we will help you optimize your application for the position.

What salary can I ask for?

The salary depends on many factors. You should not be satisfied with answers like "a 28 year-old applicant with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science can earn as much as € 50,000". Any diagram on this subject is limited to only the salary and one other determining factor and is therefore insufficient.

The salary depends on criteria such as education, job profile, experience, niche qualifications, readiness to travel, size and structure of the company, location and the candidate's competition situation. The impression the candidate leaves in an interview will also considerably influence the salary. A convincing candidate is likely to get more money. No diagram can illustrate that.

For young professionals it is decisive to consider that the salary level of the first job has little influence on the amount of money you will earn during your whole career - it can vary substantially. A high salary level can even reduce the readiness of the employer to invest in further training for the young professional.

Do you want to find out more about this topic and would you like to know how much you can earn? Fix a date for an individual coaching!

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