Personalberatung für Technologie

Code of Conduct 

Professional guidelines for our employees 

With 25 years of experience, Vesterling is one of the leading international technology recruiting and human resources consulting companies. As an independent and family-owned entreprise we are not part of a consultant alliance. Vesterling is neither a franchise nor an association of freelance consultants. Vesterling creates synergies from the consultants’ cooperation and prevents destructive competition with one another. Our code of conduct is based on the „Guidelines for proper and qualified HR Consultants (GoPB)“ (PDF) published by the Institute of Management Consulting (IdU at BDU).

The following code of conduct is obligatory for our employees: 

1. Confidentiality

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  • We ensure the highest degree of confidentiality concerning our clients’ internal data.
  • Our clients’ commercial and industrial secrets are not to be used for any other purpose without authorization.
  • We ensure that no unauthorized person has access to internal documents or confidential results of the consulting services before, during and after an assignment.
  • We treat our candidates’ documents as strictly confidential.
  • We work in compliance with the current provisions stated in the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes BDSG).
  • A candidate’s personal data will only be forwarded to Vesterling’s clients after the candidate’s explicit consent.
  • There will be no unauthorized disclosure of a candidate’s documents to third parties.
  • We are committed to the truth.
  • We exclusively work with information that is accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief.
  • We ensure transparency and avoid deception due to incorrect and/or incomplete information.
  • We exercise our services with due diligence throughout the entire process. This includes incoming assignments, job advertisements and the search for candidates, the assessment of the application documents, the interview, candidate proposals and any other consulting services for candidates and clients.
  • The organization of our business processes is based on ISO 9001 standards. We regularly review our high standard of quality regarding the compliance with defined criteria.
  • We continue to develop our quality and professionalism for technology recruiting and human resources consulting for specialists and executives.
  • Our consultants hold university degrees in their area of expertise and have relevant professional experience.
  • We continue to develop our skills with due care to continuously improve the necessary competence to exercise our profession.
  • We treat candidates, clients, business partners and colleagues with respect and are committed to holding their professional and personal reputation in high regard.
  • We work in compliance with and support the current provisions stated in the Law Against Unfair Competition (Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb, UWG).
  • We work in compliance with and support the current provisions stated in the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG).
  • We do not discriminate anyone on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.
  • Our consulting services are delivered in an unbiased and objective manner.
  • We do not produce compromised reports that pander to our clients.
  • We do not accept monetary or non-monetary benefits that endanger our independence.
  • We do not actively recruit our clients‘ employees.